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Updated: September 4, 2009.

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However, you can follow me at exodians.wordpress.com. I am the anchorman in that blog site.  I am the voice of the voiceless and the face of the faceless. (no idea why included that..)

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Update: June 20, 2009. You can monitor the owner (darbs) of this blog at http://exodians.wordpress.comg is

My Way – Williams, R.

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Snow said

June 24, 2009 at 5:30 am e

I love the 2nd pic! ^_^

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…Interesting. Read the rest of the entry

Message: To whom I could/couldn’t relate with

Anchorman: Darbs "Face of the faceless"

Anchorman: Darbs "Face of the faceless"

Darbs means sbraD reading from the right angle. He is the SERVANT of the exodians.wordpress.com.

Persona: WHO AM I? really…seriously… Where was I? Why I didn’t know? These are the questions after years of HIDING BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF ALIAS; ALIASES and different PERSONAS. Now is the time to retrace where I was when the world was still young. Time to reconnect to my past. RECONNECT to my friends whom I just left behind without saying goodbye, why should I? There is no such thing as goodbye here in the net, because there is always a trace. HELLO GUYS! Hello Peeps!

batang-gamay isulod sa sako paasuhan og bunal bunalan

batang gamay nga darbs gihulga isulod sa sako paasuhan og bunal bunalan pagka...

Doubting Thomas: Could not be true...Photoshop or Gimp? hehehe

By the way, I am not a writer. I am not a journalist. I have no credentials at all.

You can now start throwing stones on me! And start shouting , sinner! sinner! way unod ang utok! bugo! bagsak ang tanang grado! Way puangod nga pagka-anak. hahaha… PAGKA!

Screaming for ID! Unless you are in the following AGENCIES – – United States Justice Department, CIA, FBI, United States Homeland Security, Secret Service and it is mandated by the AMERICAN LAW that my identity is needed then… YES! I am happy to give it to you. If you don’t belong to the aforementioned agencies… SOWEEEE!

Why my ID privacy thingy is so important to me? Atik lang gud. hahahaha! mao na ang wa makita sa kanahang mamiktimahay kay Padri Damasong Siyokoy, ako man tawon ang nag imbento anang mamiktimahay. Kung nakaila lang nimo ni si bay Andong sa Baryo Sieti, kuyaw giod kaayo sa panapi. Classmate nako sya sa 3rd grade didto nako sa iyaha nakatunan ang kahanas sa panapi. . . Shines shoes…baligya ice-cream-ice-drop.

Panahon sa ani? HAGDAW! hahaha. dala na pangawat sa mga binugkos. DAGAN NA LANG DAYON kung masakpan. Bilin usahay ang kinawat nga HINAGDAWAN sa pobreng mag-uuma kay BUG-AT NA MAN KAAYO ug dili na madaog. Mas maayo na lang ang modagan nga way dala kay sa MATIGBASAN SA PINUTI. Caught in the ack nga kawat.

We walked hours to cross the border. Andong, the ring leader picked the target. I have no idea where he got his info. But for sure the target farm was not owned by a Pagari Tano Abdul Okad Nito.

I wonder did that farmer know who we were? Three little kids… running with so much to carry on with just an hour of HAGDAW? Truth was, it was not hagdaw, it was kawat. Binugkos na mang mao ang isulud sa sako. Was that legal? No. Ah! kids… 10 year old kids. Who cares.

Within six months in that Barrio Siete, the Farmland side of the barrio the 10 year old kid from the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON where Ungo-wak-wak- dewende – GINOONG GAGMAY ug Ginoong Dagko —  finally, bought his FIRST TRANSISTOR RADIO!

Thank you Barrio Siete sa abundance nang iyong resources.


Pa-lonely lonely ba… no, wrong usage! truth be told! Pa mystery-mystery baaaa! pareho lang gud sa MISTERYO NING PAGTOO. Naa giod ang misteryo, therefore pa-misteryo-misteryo para IBIGIN. Is that a crime? BWAHAHAHAHA! Mao na sya mga higala ang katawa sa 666. Hahahaha! Naa nay gamhanan nga Ginoo nganong manglimbawot man giod daw inyong balahibo? Naa ra sa ulo ang tanan. Kung imong tinud-on, Hesus kong maloloy-on… MAHIMONG TINUOD! hahahaha! Matimahuan pa giod nimo kung unsa ang nangalimyong kahumot sa IMPIERNO!

I know how it feels to be tortured mentally and physically. I could still remember that pain inflicted in me when I was 9,  kay nanguha lagi ug pitaka sa kwarta ni Inang. But where were you WHEN THE leaders of that FORSAKEN COUNTRY GIPANGKAWAT ANG KWARTA SA KABAN SA KATAWHAN! ASA MAN MOOOOO! MAAYO LANG MO MANGULATA UG BATANG KAWATAN! Maayo lang mo manghulga ug batang nangawat ug sinsilyo sa bulsa sa inahan dayon paduphon sa altar sa mga Santo Kristos apil na didto ang hitsura ni Santo Papa but perpetrated the system of CORRUPTION! HOW DARE YOU! – THAT I COULD NOT FORGET…

The pattern continues with different faces and intensity. Welcome to reality. Sa ulahi DESIDERATA lang gihapon.

Wrong grammar? But if you frigging understand those text messages why in the hell you could not understand the words put together with subject + predicate  -ok then…wrong is wrong  – wrong grammar – wrong usage -so? -get over it! -because I know I could be forgiven to the God whom you kurap, human right violators, berdugo ng bayan, immoral clerics/bishops are praying/calling for forgiveness… pasaylo gani ang kanahang tikasan, kawatan nga babajeng aluman nga galuhod luhod dala ang rosaryohan…hahaha…pastilan.

Truth be told: Without my fellow bloggers, that place (exodians blog) remains lonely and pathetic. The entries in that blog are just annoyance and most likely sounds like a disgruntled employee or disgruntled exsem (sirang plaka) because it is. Why not? Nadawat gani nato ang pasangil nga way spirtuality… hehehe.


I love you M!

Hey, you started it Padre Damaso de Toyab. You promised in my face 23 years ago that haunts me until today maybe forever that you will bring me down with you. (why would you say that? and why would you do that? kay wa ka  kapangukoy-kapangumoy? No way, MF! I was just teen then but I know how to flirt yet could not be in the list of your victims. I could play around your head but there is no frigging way I could do what these tikboys were doing…MAY SCHEDULE PA!  REMEMBER? NO WAY, Padre Damaso! No, frigging way!

Why? ask my father and dating bugoy sa baroy. hahaha!

To all the girls I loved before… sorry mga indayon kay wala man DUAYA ang atong relihiyon. Dinhi sa America, against sa law man kung daghan imo asawa. hahaha. Nia ang awit sa atong kagahapon.

Ang iha deputs nya Padre Damaso de Toyaboy, nasuya gapasaka ug sumbong sa Padre Damaso de Segundo Ispirilitsugas nga init sad ang ulo sa akoa nga wa gani ang kanahan makighimamat man lang in three months sa iyang pagka spiritual director ayha nahimong obispo -no spirituality na dayon? F you M – – just F you! – the result was disaster and here I am.

Oh! Do you know what happened to the SD, I was assigned to see once a month? He was already in crisis at that time!

No need of torture : If the interrogators will ask who influence me to blog without fear? No problem! I will point finger to these BLOGS. utoysaves.wordpress.com | Filipino Voices | Mother Blogger | DiaryofMiel | Mother M | Rebel Mind | DesertFishing | and looking for more to point fingers. hahaha! mandamay na man hinoon. But it is true because ithout them, my blogging experience just like the song, “PRETEND YOU’RE WHEN YOU BLUE!” hahaha!

Actually, I consider myself a parasite because I suck the blood of the bloggers – – -especially blood type: perspective, resiliency, toughness, wala-huya, and all relevant entries where I could connect – – the propellers so this blag could continue the journey until WordPress will decide to end all of this madness.

Many are called to blog but few are chosen to be visited with MILLIONS of visitors. But since there is no formator in collaboration with the big time “COHORTS”  to shut me down or kicked me out – -frankly, I don’t mind not to be chosen among the GREAT bloggers here in the cyber space. It’s great though because as we all know “clicks” in the cyberspace means $$$$$ or revenue…what? how? who? when? where?


Ask the datkomistas.

darbs known as jboy at the jforum

2006 darbs was known as jboy at the JJforum. I'll be visiting that forum soon to say hi peeps!

If you noticed when bloggers gibati na ganig kasikat, they usually turn datkomistas. Hey, why not? You should be one! Your time spent blah-ging should be compensated. What is the use of the millions of clicks if you could not translate them to monetary value. We need to eat too, you know.

BUT DON’T WORRY, as long as I control the blogs, I will REMAIN TO BE A PATAY GUTOM NGA BLOGGER! Who cares kung patay gutom at least DILI BUTETE ANG AKONG TIYAN! BWAHAHAHA!

You “chosen few” should be part of the Internet economy. You should be encouraged to join the datkomistas community because it is GREAT value to the INTERNET ECONOMY, where money/monetary is POWER to trade what is needed to survive in the physical world  like food, clothing, shelter, paid vacation, medical insurance and extra money that is used for celebrations/b-days/x-mas/fiestas/thanksgiving days/mama days/papa days/veterans days/immigrant days/tribeca festivals/fun.  Pili lang sa putahi.

Again, as far as I am concerned, a true blogger won’t mind if HE/SHE has only few commentators. In fact the best attitude should be -bloggers must be satisfied with only ONE visitor or NONE AT ALL. Because in reality, “Many are called TO BLOG BUT FEW are chosen to have VISITORS …” because not everybody can be broutoy or bluepanjeet or dfish or the new found Maria Elena whom I learned how to social climb.

However, we should remain thankful to those few souls/spirits who regularly lurking around but most of all, to those who have the courage and the guts to leave a simple note as small as hi or hello…but please do not use those words more than one, because that is SPAMMING…better lurk or stay away from the exodians.wordpress.com blog. or this blog. (daarbzz.wordpress.com)

Thank you guys!

Today, as we randomly blog hopped, we found a blogger whom we can relate with in in terms of condition and agreement in our website , the era of Internet Blogging Phenomenon.

The exodians.wordpress.com blog at this moment will adapt the goodtimesmanila.com/about as our disclaimer.

Please read: http://goodtimesmanila.com/about or continue reading if you don’t want to leave this page.

Here is the introduction:

About GTM

you know how people always say “don’t trust everything you see on the internet”?

well, this must be one of the reasons.

this blog is the result of a brilliant but deranged mind, so please don’t trust anything – and i mean anything – you see here.

even this message – don’t trust it.

i could be lying to you this very minute. Read the rest of this entry

* * *

Our Motto here at the exodians.wordpress.org should be …

” We choose you!

We come to you! “

So please leave us alone but if you insist and persist then we will find a way to give you back the well-deserved appreciation – – only if we can relate with your blog and we can use it to promote our hidden AGENDA…WOOOOO! Be afraid!

Thank you!

darbs (pisot kung si Kuya Verns pa) hahaha!

Dear Kuya Verns. Nganong pisot man giod pud daw? hahaha!

Ask Dr. Pagu kay sya ra giod ang nagtuli sa akoa.

M- Monk: St. Mienrad, Indiana


http://www.talesfromthecenobite.net/2009/04/in-retrospect.html (This link is no longer working. updated: 11/15/09) – The image above used to be the website’s heading. It is now changed to “Living Above Circumstances.”

Alternative reading material: Merton, Thomas (1915-1968) Life and Work



When we visit at this moment, we experience the word “coincidence.” (atik lang gud..)

87 as in 1987, November – “One Bread, One Body, One Lord of All”

O come all ye faithful!

Hangad si darbs sa langit sama nila, uyamot na lang masalbar…


Modelo sa beafranciscan.org nga advertisement.
Modelo sa beafranciscan.org nga advertisement.


Manang Biday

Letra nga M na unta pero hiwi

Sus, abi ko kung may MILAGRO na sab tang ikapanghinambog ug ikapangbinobot aron ipaibog sa aking kanhing ispiritual director nga niadtong panahon sya lang kuno ang kabalong mohimo milagro-milagro. Nia ang screenshot sa HIWING M. Hiwi giod nga pagka M si M nga letra.

M - Mansanas

M - Mansanas

toast, The WORD

Wedding: Ang Sakramento sa kaminyoon
Gikan sa Anghel sa kawanagan: Bluepanjeet

toast for the wedding occasion
Toast for the occasion!

Just in time for the WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

Hello, Irish friend!

Ang baje ang atong kaila…
Si laki, taga Aussie…

Catholic Wedding…

Ang tahas: Supremo ug Utok sa liturhiya sa LANGITNONG KASAL sa higala (binotbot lang gud, internet tawon ni sya…ayaw pailad ni Manoy MoragKorek…)
Liturhiyang Pang-masa? puedi sad ta ana…

Anniversary, that is!
Anniversary, that is!

Blupanjeet’s Homework: Pagtuon sa binisayang awit.

Titulo: Dayong Laya

Dugang pangutana:
Kinsa ang nag kanta?
Kinsa ang komposer sa maong kanta?
Unsa ang Chords sa maong kanta?

New York City: Home Sweet Home!

Food, Shelter, Clothing…

Mao kini ang akong desyerto: Adlaw ni Doming

Updated: July 22, 2009
Haggies Blog: Net-picking the Haggies


This place is my desert. TOTAL SILENCE IN THIS AREA

Comments OFF!


This is my DESERT…




PERSISTENCE…Total Silence…

I will also make my regular SERMON (HESUS NGA MALOLOY-ON!)  sa CLOUD, PANGANOD… Go Visit ANG PANGANOD SA PANGANDOY: http://exodians.wordpress.com

BEST CHOICE for spirituality guidance: DesertFishing

7-Day Online Prayer Retreat – The Shortest Guide Ever

May pangutana nga miabot


darbs: "face of the faceless" Unless, otherwise.. daw si bords lang ba...

Matay sunod – sunod giod ang pangutana sa email nga nadawat; Pangutana kung kinsa ba giod daw kuno ko? Unsa ba giod ang akong tinoud nga ngalan? Taga-asa ko? Ug uban pang pangutana nga morag puerte na giod kaayo ka personal. Kulang na lang kuhaon ang akong Social Security Number,  Credit Card Number og lakip na dinhi ang akong Bank Account Number.

Read more…

Ang letra nga M sa akong blogstat

Kayati basad bay! Unsa ni sya “Moincidence”  Miracle! or a Mad Joke. Pili lang kung unsa ang tama nga binotbot nga tubag.

Ang M sa akong Blog Stat

Ang M sa akong Blog Stat: Tinuod o Himo-himo. Remember: GIMP! Photoshop!

Matuod ba kaha? Masabtan lamang ang konsepto sa blogstat kung may meaning kini sa matag usa ka bloggista. Unsa ang akoa? Pareha ba sa imoha? Pamalandungi palihog. Read more…

Music embedded: Pretend by Nat King Cole

NUMB3RS revealed: Number 5


What Noli, Loren, Mar, Ping and Jojo were like in Grade 2

Voice From Good Times Manila

05/23/2009 by deejay

Good Times Manila has obtained highly sensitive school records belonging to some of the Philippines’ top leaders: Vice President Noli De Castro and Senators Loren Legarda, Mar Roxas and Panfilo Lacson, and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.

All five politicians are among those who had expressed their intention to run for president in 2010.

The documents came from their permanent school files and were handed to GTM by a top official from the Department of Education, who asked not to be named.

The manuscripts were all homework assignments submitted by the politicians when they were still in Grade II. Read the rest of Good Times Manila Blog Entry.

Molina, Luis ang Heswitic? HAH!

Mao man pud diay nga nakat-on ug mitubo ang ubang pagtuo kay gahimo himo man sa diay si Padre Molina nga Heswita sa iyang teyolohiya ug nahimong kapasilungan.

Nia ang nasiplatang interesting blog: Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit
Molinism is named after 16th-century Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina and attempts to reconcile the sovereignty of God with human free will by looking at God’s work of redemption through His foreknowledge. Foundational to Molinism is the belief that God knows everything, including all the possible actions of human beings given every possible circumstance. Contemporary adherents to Molinism include apologist William Lane Craig and philosopher Alvin Plantinga.

Disclaimer: the words “heswitic/hiswitic/heswetic” are just pigment my own imagination. I don’t even know if these words exist. I somehow heard them before. I did not even bother to ask the spelling because the word sounds made up. Correct spelling. Anybody?

Maulaw; manggiulawon


Pangutana: Nganong ang mga baktin magdungo maglakaw magsunod sa ilang mama?
Tubag: Maulaw man sila nga ang ilang mama baboy!