Mao man pud diay nga nakat-on ug mitubo ang ubang pagtuo kay gahimo himo man sa diay si Padre Molina nga Heswita sa iyang teyolohiya ug nahimong kapasilungan.

Nia ang nasiplatang interesting blog: Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit
Molinism is named after 16th-century Jesuit theologian Luis de Molina and attempts to reconcile the sovereignty of God with human free will by looking at God’s work of redemption through His foreknowledge. Foundational to Molinism is the belief that God knows everything, including all the possible actions of human beings given every possible circumstance. Contemporary adherents to Molinism include apologist William Lane Craig and philosopher Alvin Plantinga.

Disclaimer: the words “heswitic/hiswitic/heswetic” are just pigment my own imagination. I don’t even know if these words exist. I somehow heard them before. I did not even bother to ask the spelling because the word sounds made up. Correct spelling. Anybody?